“Thanks for being such an excellent meditation teacher.  Your lessons are clear, direct and made simple for even slow minds like mine to grasp!  It’s amazing how much you get into one hour without rushing and also with time to spare for questions and discussion.  I like the fact that you give your full attention to anyone who needs it, no matter how trivial the problem.  You encourage us to work out answers to deep and complex questions for ourselves, rather than you just dictating the “correct” solutions – which I think is a better way to learn.  Many thanks again.”  – Laurie Sims  

“The concise but effective esoteric Buddhist meditations that you have been teaching me during group sessions are not only relaxing but have helped me gain more understanding of what is truly important in life.  With clearer vision and a happier heart, I am more able to support others in positive ways.  Thank you, Jo!” – Rob DeJean

“It is always a relaxing and an enjoyable part of my week to share time in our group, learning and experiencing the positive emotional effects of meditation classes and our own personal time with meditating which I feel are of benefit, understanding and support not only to myself but with my family and friends. Although we have an hour with our teacher it always seems more because Jo inspires each of us to give ourselves time and space to allow ourselves our own understanding, awareness and patience with learning and enjoying meditation.  Thank you Jo x” – Kay Overfield

“I would recommend Jo and Marc’s Mindfulness Meditation course to anyone who wants to tap into their inner resources and find an alternative, holistic and enlightening way of relaxing the mind and body.  Their kind, caring and compassionate attitude, helped me feel at ease when disclosing personal fears.” – Dominique Johnson

“Jo and Marc’s introduction to meditation course totally surpassed my expectations and blew away some stereotypes I had previously held about meditation. Whilst they are Buddhists there was no religious connotations at all but it was more about learning to be “mindful” and to live in the here and now.  I am already reaping the benefits of meditation that Jo and Marc taught us and I’m excited to learn more. Thank you for this wonderful service that you offer our Leigh community. ” – Karen Clark

“I attended Jo’s meditation course.  I was apprehensive but Jo made us all instantly at ease. We were also eased into the introduction of meditation, an overview that was relevant and easy to comprehend.   The course helped me begin the journey of meditation and self discovery, in a friendly and positive environment.  I highly recommend the course.” – Carly Donovan

 “Thank you Jo Slater for all your support and teaching. I have many more calm and relaxing moments in my life now. Mindfulness meditation has changed my life and my outlook on life. Amazing transformation in such a short space of time. Looking forward to joining you soon at the temple.” – Gayle Nykerk-Jones

I have always been intrigued with Buddhism, so decided to look into it further and as luck would have it I stumbled across Leigh Buddhist Community.  At first I have to admit I was a bit sceptical, but decided to give the Mindfulness course a try.

Having spent 10+ years struggling with anxiety and depression and many hours counselling, it could be worth a try. When I say struggling with anxiety and depression it was very serious to the point were I could not get out of my house, let alone being able to live a normal day to day life like most people.

A week into the course I was starting to notice slight changes in myself, then along comes one of life’s little surprises and my fiance decides that it’s over between us. I only bring this point up because if it wasn’t for the things I have learnt from Jo I definitely would not be where I am today.

I have practiced the meditations daily for a couple of months now and can honestly say that it has changed my life.  My anxiety levels are at the lowest they have ever been, I have more of a zest for life and can enjoy every moment, without the fear of panic attacks.

If you are reading this and thinking about giving it a go, I hope that you do, for your own sake. I can guarantee you it does help and will make you a happier person and if you are happier you will make others happy too.

P.S I would just like thank Jo and Mark for all there help #lifechangers ~ Dave Champion


When I first met Jo I was in such a state of turmoil emotionally and feeling a lot of anxiety that I could not see a way out of my situation and everywhere I turned the doors seemed to be closed on every avenue of my life, I was in despair so I felt like I had nothing to loose but to give the meditation course a go! I have to say it was the turning point for me and everyone else in the group who all had their own concerns. In some cases serious conditions which were also made much better by this practice which was so nice to see the change in them. I did in addition to the Meditation have a few 1-2-1 sessions with Jo and found this immensely helpful as I was able to look at everything with different eyes and from these new teachings and chats I found it had a major affect on my outlook in life and belief in myself as a person so much so for the first time I feel like a new person with a very positive and excited outlook on life and for this I am so grateful that Jo was put in my path to help me realise all this and give me a sense of purpose. Jo is simply and honestly one of the nicest, kindest and most giving people I have ever met and what she has done for me I just simply cannot thank her enough and I write this testimonial with such heartfelt gratitude for she is truly an amazing inspirational person. Thank you so much Jo xxx ~ Jo Delahunty

“Coming to the temple is helping me so much and I appreciate all that you do for people and myself, and am so thankful that you and your lovely Temple and Café are here.

I feel that most things that I read and hear [on Buddhism] are making perfect sense to me. Some of the lessons are so practical, sensible and rational that I find myself having those “Oh yeah, that makes sense” moments all the time. I can feel a transformation and change within me as I meditate, on my own or with others and it is really helping with my stress and anxiety. I am also noticing things around me that I would not have noticed before – very difficult to be specific…yesterday I actually enjoyed walking in the sleet because of the sensations of the rain on my face – I guess that is mindfulness or just enjoying the moment as I did not have an umbrella as usual and just went with it!” – Joanne Collyer

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