Diabetes Healing and Prevention Empowered Meditation CD


These days, the number of people who suffer from diabetes
continues to increase. At the same time, there are very few true
healing methods for this disease. Western medicine is largely
ineffective in treating diabetes and often does not relieve a patients’
suffering. In order to relieve people’s suffering, the Esoteric Dharma
offers the Three Mysteries Practice for Diabetes Self-Healing as a
regenerating health practice. Within a short period of time, this
practice is able to control the disease and may even enable the body
to regenerate its health. Since this practice has been taught to the
public, the success rate has been very high, reaching 93.77%. Of
course, there is no cure-all for anything unless a person does
something. Here is a way of training the mind to free one’s self of
suffering through natural healing.

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