Dhyana Yoga Empowered Meditation CD


Dhyana Yoga Dharma

The fourth meditation of the ‘Four Foundations’. Dhyana is divided into tranquil contemplation and transcendental meditation. Through these two parts, the practitioner’s thinking is purified. Thus, you will go into a state of lasting stillness. About Dhyana, different Buddhist sects have different viewpoints, and even more explanations, but they are all about the discussion of ‘form’. The Sixth Patriarch of the Chan School, Great Master Hui-Neng, had simply and directly explained, “Chan is without form.” It may be explained as follows: In the state of Chay, the psychological, physiological and all other innate abilities of the practitioner cannot have tangible showing. The Sixth Patriarch explained further: “In every state, no thought arises from the mind is termed ‘Sit’, and seeing the Self-within unmoved is termed ‘Chan’.” It means that in the world of Chan, no state can influence the practitioner’s transcending thought in his nature of lasting stillness. The first part of this method and the following parts complement one another. In the Diamond Sutra, there is a section about the four forms: ‘No-self form, no-man form, no all-beings form, no long-life form’. It means to make the practitioner annul the illusory forms, so he can realise the true meaning. Formless may be termed ‘Chan’. leaving mind’s illusion can thus reach the state of wisdom revealed.

These meditations use mudra, mantra and visualisation to guide your mind into higher states that open wisdom, heal the body and develop spiritual abilities.

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