Zanze Pandit

Exalted Standard Learned Man

Ordained Vajracharya 1999
Dean of the Esoteric School
Zuotang, MahaVairocana Monastery
Teacher, Vismdo College of Exoteric & Esoteric Lecture & Practice
Teacher, Great Dharani Class
Master Interpretative Translator of Sutra and Tantra
Participant, U.N. Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders

Received Abhisheka or Abhisecana:

MahaVairocana Wisdom Sovereignty
Buddha Mother of All Sound
Thirteen Chakra Vajrapala
Chatur Maha Vajrapala
Victorious in Three Realms
Ucchushma Empowered Hands
Dual Five-Buddha Crowns
and various practices

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